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to my Beloved son Joshua
I know you are🎼 Dancing in the Sky and singing in the Angels choir.
We miss you so very much!


Cherish each and everyday!

Big Hugs

#WildfarmKids Family

Also, please do not assume that we are saying Joshua is an Angel or that he has wings. People do not get wings when they die. People do not become Angels. They Do Not watch over us. Now maybe their Angel does but not our loved ones. Jesus does and God has Angels do that, not loved ones that are in Heaven.

The bible says we are to correct people when they say things that are not true.

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”
2 Timothy 3:16 KJV

So please don’t say Joshua got his wings or he is an Angel now. It is frustrating to hear. Just say: Joshua is with Jesus. We know he us singing and dancing with the Angels. That will make us truely smile and feel the peace you intended…

God bless you all,


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Know the Facts

Parents and caregivers,
It has come to our attention that there is a spike in youth making videos for Snapchat and Instagram involving the choking game. Different areas have their own name for the activity but all are potentially deadly. There is brain damage from the first time tried.

Please monitor your childs social media accounts. Educate your children to also be on the lookout for friends that may post videos and please contact their parents.

This was not invented recently, it has been around for generations and generations going back to beginning of time. The new part is the sharing on social media in the last decade.

This game KILLS kids!

We believe that if a parent or caregiver has the information to teach their child that this is not something to try no matter if their friends are doing it; it is potentially deadly. But because parents don’t know about it themselves, it continues.

The choke hold is in almost every action movie and many cartoons. Kids roleplay and mimic what they see. They discover the adrenaline rush and no one is explaining its killing their brain cells. Chasing that “high” becomes something done alone and youth think that because no one says not to then it must not be a bad thing because it’s all over the media. Now the push for likes and shares are driving these youth to show friends on social media.
We must get the information out to parents and even schools. We must take action.

We encourage everyone to have the conversation with your youth. Give them the facts. Don’t leave it up to their friends to be the first ones to share this. It is deadly, its often called the good kids high.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.

God Bless you all,


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National Safety Awareness Month 2019


What are you doing to be safe in your home, at work or for recreational time? Here are a few ways to make outtings a safer place.

Always take a moment to Check your environment for posted rules and safety precautions.

Look around for blindspots and emergency exits.

Be aware of trip and fall hazards.

Always know where first aid station or box is located.

Walk around a playground or play area before turning kids loose, you never know what may have been left behind. Be prepared you may have to pick up litter, if you don’t, your little ones are curious and may pick something up and that is dangerous.

Make sure you have current emergency phone numbers, sometimes these change.

Be aware and be safe.

And most of all: find out what your kids do for “fun” with others. You see the choking game is one of those popular playground, slumber party or camp past times kids may do. Just talk to kids and if you need to take action.

Be proactive in safety checks, it saves lives.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Remember to #LikeSharePost this page to your social media pages.



♡ WildfarmKids

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Prayers to the family and their friends searching the internet for answers today. We were once doing the same thing after Joshua died.

WHAT is this choking game?

WHY did Joshua die.

WHO is responsible?

WHERE is the information?

WHEN were we going to be warned about this activity?

Whenever there is a death as a result of #theChokingGame there is a surge in people looking for this information.
Our goal is to educate people about warning signs so they have the knowledge to step in with accurate resources to talk to their youth before its too late. We encourage you to take action and share with your schools what you are finding out. Please don’t wait for another sad headline and grieving parents. Right now by just sharing our website you too can spread awareness.

The information is free and saves lives. Check out our other tabs here on this website.

Like it so it shows you were here.

Share the information to your social media pages so others learn too.

Post a comment if you feel moved to.

We want to hear from you.

Again prayers to the families searching for answers, feel free to reach out to us.


WildfarmKids family

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Thank you once again

To all our followers, friends and loved ones,

I thought I would take a moment to thank everyone again who has prayed for my family these last 7 years. There are days that I feel empowered and it only takes a toy or sound, photo or a scent and my breath is taken away by grief. I tell myself “GOD HAS A PLAN & PRAISE GOD NO MATTER WHAT!” I will tell you it is hard some days and other days I am unstoppable with Gods armor.
Bless you all for the smiles, nods and waves that show me and my family we are not invisible and still loved. Bless you for the “likes, shares, retweets and messages” too. God bless the prayers you send up to Him, we feel them in our hearts.
Seven years ago we gathered to say goodbye to Joshua Leo and we will see him again one day. I believe this will all my heart and soul.

Thank you and Bless you all with our love for all eternity,

Wendi Engle & WildfarmKids family

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord : the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord , and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalms 34:1‭-‬4 from my King James Bible

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Back to School ’18

School is begining for the year everywhere. Have you had the talk yet. The one about the choking game?

New children come into the school districts all the time. Our children become friends with them. Or your child may be going into a new school. New environment to share things with new friends. How they passed the time and their habbits. They may also share things that are considered risky behavior, one being the choking game aka pass out challenge.

This is the “good kids thing; their adrenaline rush high” the kids we parents think would know better and would never do something that may harm them. New classes bring new stories and new challenges to protect our children because we do not know the other families. This is a great time to share this information with the new parents. Share with your new friends!

Share this post on your social media feed; you might be opening the door to education for someone and never know it.

God Bless you all



Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas to all who follow our website. This is an especially hard time of year for anyone that has had a loved one pass away. 

Remember Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Gods gift of Salvation to us. 

This is Joshua’s sister Josi singing about the true meaning of Christmas. Feel free to share with family and friends. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.

♡ WildfarmKids

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Month of Awareness 

October is Choking Game Awareas month.

  This is our 6th October advocating awareness about the choking game.  We do year round but this month is the registered awarnenss month. 

  Please look over our entire site and follow the different links we have shared. If you could share our site on your social media pages, that helps us get information out to your friends and family. We appreciate all you do. Our information is priceless because it saves lives. It only saves lives when it is shared. 

  Choking Game Awareness Day is October 11th.  Facebook users can share this event by clicking here (virtual event).

Blessings, WildfarmKids family


Ava & Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Today is Ava Hutchinson’s 12th birthday. She celebrates this in Heaven today because Ava passed away 2 days ago from a secondary cancer after winning the battle over the first.

Her mother Joni shared the cancer details this with us last week:

Ava was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. She had a brain tumor called Medulloblastoma. A giant word for anyone, but she was only 2 years old. Ava fought for a year with surgeries and chemo. As she was preparing to start radiation, relapse was discovered. She underwent high dose radiation to her brain, followed by high dose chemo and 3 stem cell transplants. She finished treatment just before her 4th birthday. This treatment would save her life, but sadly as we later discovered it also caused a secondary brain cancer. July 2016 she was diagnosed with high grade gliomas in the pons and brain stem. Surgery and radiation were not options. We were told she would live 12 months at best with treatment. Unfortunately there is no cure for this cancer and treatment studies for pediatric secondary cancers are virtually nonexistent. We sought treatment in Iowa, Georgia, Minnesota, Illinois Missouri, etc. Ava has had 7 different chemo medications over the last 15 months. We changed our diet completely. We quit our jobs. We gave it our everything, but the cancer has taken over and the options have run out. Ava’s body is shutting down and she is exhausted. Watching her die slowly day by day is torture, pure torture.”

On Monday, Ava passed away at home surrounded by her family.

“Princess Ava made her climb to her forever castle today. Her climb started Saturday evening. She had a bath, one of Ava’s favorite things. This was followed by a slumber she would never wake up from. As Ava transitioned we did more of her favorite things…..Sunday snuggles with mom, dad and sissy. Sissy read lots and lots of stories, she picked Ava’s favorites. Best big sissy ever. We surrounded Ava with our greatest love around the clock. The snuggles continued into Monday and by noon Jesus came and led Miss Ava to the most mighty kingdom of all. Our hearts will be forever broken. One cannot fill the space Ava occupied….there is a great big hole in this world now. Ava’s charm and charisma changed everything she came in contact with. May you always carry a pink, purple, sparkly place in your heart for sweet Ava. When you visit that place, I guarentee you will find a big smile and perfectly sweet snorty laugh because that was Ava’s way. We want her back so badly. Sweet sweet Ava, oh sweet Ava we miss you so so much!

The students at Bondurant Farrar are wearing Pink and Purple today in remembrance of and to celebrate Ava’s birthday. Ava lived life fully, she was in girl scouts and 4H, she loved watching her sister play softball. Our community rallied around her and her family recently by placing pink and purple and sparkly ribbons around signposts, power poles and mailboxes.

Our Awareness starts by showing others what you are in support of.

Questions are asked.

Awareness grows when passion for cause is seen and others join in and unite together. Answers are given, knowledge is shared.

Love is felt by those supported and that fuels something that is priceless; H♡PE!

In my community we support a cause with ribbons, buttons, t-shirts and stickers so others will see and ask “What’s that for?”

And we say, “I am glad you asked, we are sharing awareness and grieving with a family we love and support this cause.”

Our  family and community continue to pray for the Hutchinson’s. Ava is not lost, she is safe in heaven with God. His plan is so great and mighty that we don’t understand why. It is okay to ask Him, and if we listen with our heart, really listen, God always answers.

Ava will never be forgotten, every person that knew her will always remember a beautiful little girl and how brave she was and fought with all her might against cancer, not once but twice.

Love hugs and prayers,

The Engle Family #WildfarmKids

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Closing of June

As June now comes to a close remember Safety is a year round given.

This is a post for all present and future parents, grandparents, caregivers. We encourage you to share.

 Always be aware of your childs surroundings and never assume someone else will keep your child safe. 

Public parks are fun and interesting places to explore. Some are open spaces, some are to showcase nature and flowers while others have playground equipment. Parks are promoted for everyone to come to visit in every community. As a parent please remember any public place has dangers and we don’t mean the possibility of bad people, we are focusing on what is left behind. Be sure to walk around the playground and look for trash, disguarded cans or bottles, or anything else. (We keep used shopping bag that can be used as a barrier glove to pick up what’s dangerous) Even forgotten toys can easily be dangerous because of the germs that may be on them. Set boundaries for your child to stay in the area that together you walked around, always in your eyesite. Parents, we must stay vigilant and clean up after others to keep our little ones safe. We carry a small bottle of soap so our little ones can wash their hands after playing on equipment and we wash ours with them too. Soap is better then hand sanitizer and most parks have drinking fountians, (we try to wipe them down too.) 

While at the park, please put away the cell phones, watch your child(ern) play, if possible play along side them. They don’t stay small for long and remember cell phones were not popular when you were a small child. Before you know your children have grown up. 

Public parks are free and no two are the same. Now enjoy and take time to relax, it’s about being together; laughing and talking and answering a thousand questions their little minds ask. Make them the center of attention, you will be making priceless memories. 

 Be safe and God bless you all.


 For more information click on National Safety Month

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