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National Safety Awareness Month 2019


What are you doing to be safe in your home, at work or for recreational time? Here are a few ways to make outtings a safer place.

Always take a moment to Check your environment for posted rules and safety precautions.

Look around for blindspots and emergency exits.

Be aware of trip and fall hazards.

Always know where first aid station or box is located.

Walk around a playground or play area before turning kids loose, you never know what may have been left behind. Be prepared you may have to pick up litter, if you don’t, your little ones are curious and may pick something up and that is dangerous.

Make sure you have current emergency phone numbers, sometimes these change.

Be aware and be safe.

And most of all: find out what your kids do for “fun” with others. You see the choking game is one of those popular playground, slumber party or camp past times kids may do. Just talk to kids and if you need to take action.

Be proactive in safety checks, it saves lives.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

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♡ WildfarmKids

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