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100 Weeks

The Number 100; If it were a TV show it would be a celebrated number with cake and banners. If it were a business, maybe a giveaway or discount would be advertised. Someone in recovery, now that’s a proud benchmark. 100 weeks might be a goal to reach something wanted by a certain time… This […]

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A Note From Dad

When we are in need of encouragement, we first look to God and then we read the prayers and words on this site. Knowing what we are advocating and that educating people about this activity is getting out to the world.  There is no celebrity status or confirmation of success of this site, we just […]

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Meals From The Heartland (take 2)

Meals from the Heartland is something that Joshua loved helping with. Last year I did this with some of my co-workers. When it was brought up, I instantly had a tug on my heart to do it in memory of him. Today, I am volunteering again to package meals. This is an awesome community service […]

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Worldwide Choking Game Awareness Day 10-11-13

10-11-13 Ages 10 and 11 are the ages kids must be educated of the dangers from playing variations of pass out games because age 13 is the average age of death. Last year, over 30,000 videos of kids engaging in these activities were uploaded to youtube – and this is only the count from the […]

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