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A Brother’s Love

It has been 14 months, and some days are worse than others. Grief Counseling; Something that has been hard to do, but you can find peace in doing it. Grief counseling doesn’t mean just going to a counselor; it can be just talking to friends, family, or even just writing your feelings down. We have latched […]

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Different Versions of the “GAME”

After doing extensive reserch on the choking game, we have found other corrolations to the choking game. Childrent are doing this in many other forms that are less noticable to the look of foul play. Please check these out, if your child or a child you know partakes in this, they too may be doing a […]

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“How it feels to black out” — The 60 Minutes Special

Many of you have seen the recent 60 Minutes episode on “How it feels to black out“, with interviews from divers. “Free-diving champions Tanya Streeter and William Trubridge describe their experiences with blacking out underwater, and tell Bob Simon it isn’t as dangerous or unpleasant as you might think.” Now, everyone that knows anything about blacking […]

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