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Know the Facts

Parents and caregivers,
It has come to our attention that there is a spike in youth making videos for Snapchat and Instagram involving the choking game. Different areas have their own name for the activity but all are potentially deadly. There is brain damage from the first time tried.

Please monitor your childs social media accounts. Educate your children to also be on the lookout for friends that may post videos and please contact their parents.

This was not invented recently, it has been around for generations and generations going back to beginning of time. The new part is the sharing on social media in the last decade.

This game KILLS kids!

We believe that if a parent or caregiver has the information to teach their child that this is not something to try no matter if their friends are doing it; it is potentially deadly. But because parents don’t know about it themselves, it continues.

The choke hold is in almost every action movie and many cartoons. Kids roleplay and mimic what they see. They discover the adrenaline rush and no one is explaining its killing their brain cells. Chasing that “high” becomes something done alone and youth think that because no one says not to then it must not be a bad thing because it’s all over the media. Now the push for likes and shares are driving these youth to show friends on social media.
We must get the information out to parents and even schools. We must take action.

We encourage everyone to have the conversation with your youth. Give them the facts. Don’t leave it up to their friends to be the first ones to share this. It is deadly, its often called the good kids high.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.

God Bless you all,


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