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Prayers to the family and their friends searching the internet for answers today. We were once doing the same thing after Joshua died.

WHAT is this choking game?

WHY did Joshua die.

WHO is responsible?

WHERE is the information?

WHEN were we going to be warned about this activity?

Whenever there is a death as a result of #theChokingGame there is a surge in people looking for this information.
Our goal is to educate people about warning signs so they have the knowledge to step in with accurate resources to talk to their youth before its too late. We encourage you to take action and share with your schools what you are finding out. Please don’t wait for another sad headline and grieving parents. Right now by just sharing our website you too can spread awareness.

The information is free and saves lives. Check out our other tabs here on this website.

Like it so it shows you were here.

Share the information to your social media pages so others learn too.

Post a comment if you feel moved to.

We want to hear from you.

Again prayers to the families searching for answers, feel free to reach out to us.


WildfarmKids family

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