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Olympic ‘Games’

It is that time again, the games have begun! Now we cheer on our country in the Olympics. When we think of ‘games’ we often think of the games that are played in the Olympics, right? That is what a game is. The term known as the ‘Choking Game’ makes me cringe every time I […]

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Meals From The Heartland

Hello All, The past few years Joshua helped with Meals From The Heartland with our dad. This year I am doing it with some co-workers. When it was brought up, I instantly had a tug on my heart to do it in memory of him. We each have an individual goal of raising $70.00. I would like to […]

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8 Months & Polk County Fair

Eight months have gone by, Polk County Fair is over, and in the next couple of weeks it would be Joshua’s 14th birthday. My parents and I got to hand out ribbons, halters and a plaque in memory of Joshua at the sheep show yesterday. The plaques had his picture on them and his name. […]

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Letter From Sgt. Rob Cullen

We have been given permission to post a letter that was written by Sgt. Rob Cullen #456 of the York Regional Police. This letter was written to a host of a national radio show up in Canada. The story that he tells hits really close to home, and is one I would like to share with […]

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