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…who YOU say I AM

This website has been around since 2012 and oh the people and places we have reached. We talk and share our information in person, on social media and also send out letters and flyers. The worry of not reaching enough families crosses our mind daily. Every conversation with new people I meet is ended with me saying “One more thing” and then I ask them to take a look at the website. If they ask questions, I answer. I have never had a bad experience doing that. God is alway included and I know it is part of His Plan. Many times the people have a story to share with me about the “activity” and I listen and tell them that they can use their story to help warn parents. I say God Bless You for sharing. It is who I am. It comes easy for me to talk about Joshua and God.

I know God has a plan and I know that having a strong family of faith is key.

We love our Church, it was where I asked Jesus into my heart in March 1975. I still have that King James Bible. After Joshua passed away we all started going there. A new start for the family and coming home for me…

It is a blessing to see Josi with that same musical talent Joshua had and watching her sing for the congregation. And what a song. “Who you say I am” by Hillsong. Watching her sing, sharing her faith and a testament to all that life goes on and we never forget and we never quit on Jesus because Jesus never quits on us!

If you would like to watch Josi sing with the worship team click “here“. You can also see more of her singing at WildfarmKidsVids on YouTube.

God Bless you all!



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Hello Friends,

We want to take a moment and say please remember that God wants us to carry each others burdens. If you need to talk or vent, mad or sad, maybe you just need to be heard. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you and want to lift you up. We see you as friends and God placed us in each other’s lives for a reason. What can we do to help you, guide you, hear you.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2″

Blessings to you all as we enter into the second week of 2020. May this year be filled with people who lift you and encourage you to be your best.


Photo is Joshua July 7th 2011. He was helping Aaron that day and was carrying tagged corn stalks that had been recorded. Joshua was very proud to be helping Aaron in the field.

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Lay an 8 on its side and it is the symbol of infinity.

Its been just over 8 years since GOD called Joshua Engle Home to be with HIM for all eternity, an infinite number and has no end just as GODs Love for us has no end.

Today is the beginning of Advent. As a Christian family we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST on December 25. JESUS is the Gift of Salvation that we are blessed to receive when we open our heart and ask HIM into our life.

Christmas is a season of giving thanks and rejoicing in the blessings GOD has given us, most importantly HIS SON.

This season is not about money or how many things you think you need to buy someone. It’s about Love, Kindness, Fellowship and Sharing the Life of Jesus with others.

Each year beginning December 1st I read one chapter of the book of Luke from the Bible a day. I am asking all the friends and family of Wildfarmkids to do this also and by Christmas Eve you will have read the whole story of Jesus from birth to ascension with me. Luke was told all about Jesus and thought this treasure of knowledge was so important that he wrote it down for all of us to know. Luke also wrote the book of Acts and the two go hand in hand in the Bible.

Our family knows that Joshua believed in GOD so much that he shared JESUS and stories from the bible with his friends. We know Joshua is Home with JESUS now in Heaven. We thank GOD for the promise of Salvation everyday HE offers all to receive.

God bless you and keep you safe all this glorious season.

Love; WildfarmKids Family

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Choking Game Awareness 2019

Are kids really dying playing the choking game?


These are a few of the many who lost their life to this deadly activity having no idea what the cost could be.

October is Choking game Awareness month.

Please take action and help us get information to all parents.

Sharing with Love,


🎬VIDEO CREDIT – Debbie LaRocque

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Oh darn it, Yeah Good job!

Sports fans;

Mind your manners, it matters.

Its not all about winning or losing; its how you play the game.

In a household with 6 kids we have been to countless sporting events. We would like to remind our fellow sports fans that it is very easy to get carried away and that excited fans can get frustrated in a split second. Please be mindful and remember how we act at a sporting event also reflects our character in daily life. Be the encouraging fan and not the bully. Things go sideways and how we respond in respectful ways is key. Everyone around us sees our behavior, especially the young fans and players. Don’t be the “Bleacher Bully” the players do hear you and although you walk away, that player hears your voice for a long time.

Be a role model for encouragement and compassion. Don’t get arrogant with a good play or hostile for a bad one. Have fun and remember there is always a next time in sports.

PSA brought to you by WildfarmKids

Go Team!

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Have the Talk

It’s that time of year again. Have you had the talk yet. The one about the choking game? Have that talk again, have it often.

New students come into the school districts all the time. Our children become friends with them or it may be your child going into a new school. Have the talk.

New homeroom assignment with a new group of classmates, and this environment youth are excited to tell others about their summer. A new year brings new things shared between school friends, new things to try, new things to experiment with and bragging rights are part of the conversation. Your child needs the the right information and you are the one to tell them. Have the talk and prepare your child for this conversation with the complete information to keep them and their friends safe.

Your childs peers share what they did and where the went, they may also share things that are considered risky behavior, one being the choking game aka pass out challenge or fainting game.

The ones who have tried it will tell their friends; “Hey there is this new thing I learned this summer a friend showed me. It’s not drugs or alcohol, it’s what good kids do to get that high feeling, No It won’t hurt, look at me. And HEY If it was bad dont you think that our parents would have told us not to, it’s just adrenaline rush. YOU GOT TO TRY IT, TRUST ME!”

This is why we as parents and Caregivers must have the talk. The youth that we parents think sould know better and would never do something that may harm them don’t have the correct information. We don’t know what they are telling our children. Where did their information come from.

Each new year brings new stories and new dangers for us to protect our children from because we do not akways know the other families. This is a your opportune time to share this information with the parents in your childs life. These parents are your new allies and friends! Have the talk with them. Take action and Share this post on your social media feed for them and others to see you will be opening the door to education for someone and never know it. You will save lives.

We are our childs first teacher, empower them with the truth to know better and do better.

God Bless you all,


“Dear Gracious and Heavenly Father, I am praying for safe school environments for all of the children, God protect them when we are apart, protect them from what we do not know. Protect the teachers and staff in our schools from the dangers in this world each day. Guide them and give them strength and courage as they watch over the blessings you gave us, our children. In the name of Your Son Jesus, AMEN”

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to my Beloved son Joshua
I know you are🎼 Dancing in the Sky and singing in the Angels choir.
We miss you so very much!


Cherish each and everyday!


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