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Have the Talk

It’s that time of year again. Have you had the talk yet. The one about the choking game? Have that talk again, have it often.

New students come into the school districts all the time. Our children become friends with them or it may be your child going into a new school. Have the talk.

New homeroom assignment with a new group of classmates, and this environment youth are excited to tell others about their summer. A new year brings new things shared between school friends, new things to try, new things to experiment with and bragging rights are part of the conversation. Your child needs the the right information and you are the one to tell them. Have the talk and prepare your child for this conversation with the complete information to keep them and their friends safe.

Your childs peers share what they did and where the went, they may also share things that are considered risky behavior, one being the choking game aka pass out challenge or fainting game.

The ones who have tried it will tell their friends; “Hey there is this new thing I learned this summer a friend showed me. It’s not drugs or alcohol, it’s what good kids do to get that high feeling, No It won’t hurt, look at me. And HEY If it was bad dont you think that our parents would have told us not to, it’s just adrenaline rush. YOU GOT TO TRY IT, TRUST ME!”

This is why we as parents and Caregivers must have the talk. The youth that we parents think sould know better and would never do something that may harm them don’t have the correct information. We don’t know what they are telling our children. Where did their information come from.

Each new year brings new stories and new dangers for us to protect our children from because we do not akways know the other families. This is a your opportune time to share this information with the parents in your childs life. These parents are your new allies and friends! Have the talk with them. Take action and Share this post on your social media feed for them and others to see you will be opening the door to education for someone and never know it. You will save lives.

We are our childs first teacher, empower them with the truth to know better and do better.

God Bless you all,


“Dear Gracious and Heavenly Father, I am praying for safe school environments for all of the children, God protect them when we are apart, protect them from what we do not know. Protect the teachers and staff in our schools from the dangers in this world each day. Guide them and give them strength and courage as they watch over the blessings you gave us, our children. In the name of Your Son Jesus, AMEN”

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