Children Are Thrill Seekers!

Do you or someone you know have children? If so, this site has information that you need to read! Children and teenagers have always been thrill seekers, willing to take dangerous risks. But, a growing number of teens nationwide are taking part in a disturbing and potentially deadly trend, known as “The Choking Game.”

It’s not the ‘at risk’ children, it’s the good kids. Children are experimenting with things everyday. Be aware of the dangers in this activity. It is taking lives, and damaging families all over. Whether a child tries it once or a few times, once can be enough to harm them. Take a stand and become educated on this by viewing our site.

I just read another story about a boy named Zachary who was Joshua’s age and died from the choking game on October 14, 2011. His story is heart wrenching. His mother expresses the same feelings, She just didn’t know about this game. Please educate yourselves on this so it doesn’t happen to you or someone you know.

Thanks for taking the step in becoming educated!

Wild Farm Kids!

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