Nightline ‘Choking Game’ Special

Nightline Choking Game Spreads on YouTube Full Episode

A mother who lost her only son to the Choking Game. She did a special on ABC’s Nightline. Her son was very involved in sports and Boy Scouts. She can’t get her son back, but she is doing what she can to help help other parents become aware of this “game”.

The Choking Game is still happening all over the world. Parents NEED to be aware that it is real and children are learning it at school, in youth group, camps, at sports, and even more so online! Make sure to talk with your children about this to make sure you can help them before it is too late.

Hoping for better awareness,




2 comments on “Nightline ‘Choking Game’ Special

  1. my son died too.

    he was a scout kids for 7 years, played football and hockey, we were very involved parents. seems like this game takes the good kids. 😦

    • Thank-you for sharing your story. This is taking so many great kids. We are doing our best to spread awareness, as I’m sure you are too! Keep your son’s memory alive and spread the word to anyone and everyone you can. Change starts with YOU! Thanks again for being strong and sharing your story.

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