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Around the World in 5 Months

This week marks five months since we lost Joshua as a result of the choking game. Since then we have been doing all that we can to get the word out about this horrible ‘game’ that children are experimenting with.

Over the last few months I have read so  many stories about other families that have experienced the same tragedy as ours. Research has been done, specials have been aired and articles have been written about this, but it is still happening all around us. This is just one site, but it has already touched so many lives and made so many parents aware of this. We have heard from so many families and encouraged them to share their stories, some are ashamed, but their story needs shared. If you can make a purpose out of the death of a loved one and help educate others, it is a rewarding feeling. I have chosen this as my therapy of choice. Listening to others that has been through the same experience helps bring hope to my life.

We have received e-mails from all over the world about our story and site. Our cause has helped and touched more that we ever imagined we could! We were recently approached by a tv station in Los Angeles and asked a lot of questions because they want to do a special on it. I know it is hard to go on air, especially with a story such as this, but you are doing the right thing. When my family and I decided to share our story we did it to educate viewers on something that could be happening in their home.

This has been the hardest thing for us to deal with, and probably always will be. Educating and saving lives is the purpose of this site, and it is what we will continue to do. Feel free to contact us with any story you may know about the choking game and we will add it to our site. E-mails can be sent to; wildfarmkids@aol.com

We enjoy your feedback! Have a blessed day!

Wild Farm Kids

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