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History #WildfarmKids


WildfarmKids History

A dream was dreamt a long time ago. After a decade, a farm was bought (Wildfarm) and our home went from 3 to 6 children (Kids) = WildfarmKids.  (Wild animals Farm animals and our Kids. )

As social media boomed, we decided to aquire the url WildfarmKids .com and .org for fun and sharing. Many things in life happened over the years and we always put off the website and then our middle son  Joshua died. What was the choking gamechoking game. The information that is out there is so old and medical. We had to step up and get this information to the parents. Our oldest daughter Keri had a class that required the students to build a website. Keri used our momentum of educating others on a local level of just a ripple to a wave of education reaching international views with the website. In 2012 Keri gave her presentation  to Simpson college showcasing the website, and it’s social media conterparts Facebook and Twitter. (We now have Tumblr, Pinterest too.) 

Keri won the Simpson College Iron Journalist  Award that day. Her research, skills and the passion to help others is what has made this site what it is today. She posted a thank you to everyone the next day on here.

To date we are just shy of 90,000 seperate ip address views to the site. With an estimated 3x more via social media and other websites sharing our posts. There have been thousands of hard copies of the information sent out and distributed.  As Keri’s mom I continue to thank all teachers from kindergarten through college, all her coaches over the years and her 4H leaders/mentors and of course all the Sunday school, vbs and Church groups she has been involved with too. All these people outside our family also encouraged and taught Keri and reinforced things from not giving up, to getting up in front of a crowd of people. Athletes/cheering, speeches/fine arts and presentations/showing livestock.

In 2012 with confidence and emotions she stood in front of many of her peers and explained the website. God bless her and thank you everyone that helped us raise our daughter. She is an amazing lady, an inspiring and involved older sister and a devoted bride. She continues to mentor and volunteers in many community outreach programs. Always approachable and ready to tell anyone about our mission. 

God Bless you all for following and sharing out site,


“Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it.”~Proverbs 22:6 

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