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WildfarmKids vs TheChokingGame


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Whether it’s done as a dare, a rite of passage or a desire to get high without using drugs or alcohol, the choking game has potentially deadly consequences. Youth ages 6 to 21+ have died as a result of this. Media calls it “the Good Kids High” because parents are blindsided when tragidy happens to children that are good students, popular and are active in school, sports, church and community volunteering.

It is our primary mission here at WildfarmKids.com to educate parents about the choking game. (aka the pass out game ) Since 2011 we have advocated to explain what to do if you think your child or their friends may be involved in this dangerous activity. It is important to have a conversation with your child and talk to them about it. There are not many schools across the world that even warn parents this is possibly happening.

After the death of our son; and the creation of this site, my family has covered all the expenses in running it. Now we need help for getting more information out. Our goal is to be able to upgrade the website and be able to continue to mail out flyers and parent packets. Advertising, print and postage costs have become overwhelming. That is a good thing yet we do not have the budget to cover this increase.  We also would like to have funds to cover the cost for traveling to give our presentations to parents, guardians and all the caregivers.  We do not charge for presentations or materials requested from the website because we want as many people as possible to be educated.


No one warned us, we were blindsided. Help us continue to spread awareness and be victorious over the choking game.

Bless you and Thank you in advance;

WildfarmKids family


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