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Speak Up


Please take some time on this day to speak up and discuss pass out games like the choking game with the people around you. Make the awareness ribbon your profile picture, share a post or just start a conservation. Take action and together we can save lives.

We would also like you to read how this deadly game has affected other families.


“In May 2006, 4 short months after Kelly’s death, I began doing presentations in local schools with Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), with Sault Ste. Marie City Police, as well as doing presentations on my own.  I am willing to do presentations both locally and beyond.  There is a power point presentation that I use.  This presentation has a very powerful audio 911 call and was put together by Police Officer, Scott Methany from Pennsylvania who has worked with other parents to put this power point together to bring awareness. I do presentations for all ages, including parents and grandparents (my favorite group is parents, because like me, we think this would never happen to our family. But it does.) I speak to community interest groups and churches.  I am willing to speak to any interested groups, whether large or small. I present on my own now and have the full encouragement and support of our local city police, OPP, RCMP, First Nations Police Services and our local public board of education.” ~ Debbie LaRocque

Read more from Debbie listed under Kelly’s Story  on our tab “Other Stories”

Have a blessed day, filled with hope and love,
~ WildfarmKids Family

“Now that you know, what will you do”

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