D.A.R.E Red Ribbon Week 2015

(Shared from the WildfarmKids Mama’s journal)

… Week 205 …
I wake up each morning, I say my prayers before I open my eyes. It is late October 2015. Soon lil ChadJoseph​​ will come in to snuggle just before the sun will rise like clock work, our daily routine. Now the house becomes busy with the kiddos getting ready for school, it’s D.A.R.E. Red Ribbon Week.


Each day has a different theme and the message is to say no to drugs. Say no to taking someone elses prescription. Say no to drinking and smoking! Parents are encouraged to have “the talks” as the students participate in dressing in class colors or mis-matched clothing or wear mustaches or crazy hair or socks, the list goes on. The point is to #JustSayNo to drugs and peer pressure to try anything harmful.


WildfarmKids has a red ribbon too and ours is outlined in gold and black. It is the Choking game awareness ribbon. Just like drugs can harm and kill our children so can the choking game. 

The choking game is about an adrenaline rush. 

Our body produces the hormone adrenaline, a good thing except when it is manipulated to surge through the body because oxygen is being blocked from the brain (the choking game). The adrenaline happens because the body is fighting to survive. The adrenaline is addictive, that rush of wow that was close, wow did you see that, wow I am fearless! Climbing trees, riding a bike as fast as possible towards a wall or garage door and at the last second turning or braking! That’s a kid and an adrenaline rush.  Whoa! Cool, Did you see that. Well if the brakes fail or the turn isn’t quick enough. Bam, bruised or broken. What about the teen and driving fast, same thing, taking a corner too fast or speeding down a gravel road dust flying… “the Adrenaline rush” .   How about simple, jumping off the diving board, the high board, the wow of doing it, the accomplishment feeling, that good feeling, it is adrenaline pumping and it feels good, scary to a point but wow that rush. Yes it is addictive. It is not just youth, adults too. So now think of that high, that rush, how it makes you feel on top of the world…  now think of your child and the choking game. No bike, no tree, no pool, your child wants it. Maybe at a party or just sitting at home in their bedroom; they want that rush, they crave it. But they don’t have the facts. They know a fall from the tree will hurt, they know a crash could be break or bruise them, but they don’t ever believe they could die. Not them, maybe someone else but never them. Now why parents do you think your child would not consider it fatal when I know you have warned them to be careful on their bikes or careful climbing the tree…
   What if you didn’t know your child was playing a deadly activity that kids become addicted to. Then hours later, some have seizures, some break and bruise and yes some die in a hospital on life support. The headaches that can’t be explained. The sore itchy eyes that interrupt daily routines and make reading almost impossible. What does the doctor say, the school say, what does your child say happened? 
What if it is the choking game. Have you considered it could be. Have you had the talk about it. In 3 minutes your child could die. No fear, no disobedience, no knowledge and with out you being aware. Your happy, fearless, smart child could die and you are blindsided… Wait, hold on, you can not be blindsided because you have the information here, you have the facts, you have this knowledge. Take 3 minutes and start a conservation. Talk to your children about the choking game when you talk to them about peer pressure, and drugs. It is a conversation worth having. We encourage you to share what is true, the facts before someone else gives them false information.

The Choking Game ribbon is outlined in gold because our children are treasures, the black is because we grieve for them and the red is our everlasting love for them. 

Blessings, Prayers and Encouraging hope, 

~ WildfarmKidsMama & Family

“Now that you know, what will you do?”

Jesus said “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

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