200 Weeks


… 200 weeks… or how about;
… 46 months come and gone.
… Or in days? That is 1,400 days…
How many hours can you wrap you mind around 24, 48, 72 or 96. Those are easy now try 33,600 hours. Thats too many hours…
Tonight was the Homecoming Parade at good ole Bondu. I watched Joshys teammates ride by in the back of a truck… they are growing up so fast. I pray that each and everyone reading my post tonight understands the blessing a child is and you all cherish every “Hi Mom!” you hear.
God has a plan and each smile and wave and “Hi Mom!” whispered or yelled was written by God to be heard long before your child was even knitted together… ‪ #‎ReallyReally‬
It has been 33,600 hours…
It has been 1,400 days…
It has been 200 weeks…
yes it has been 46 months since I heard my son say, “I love you Mama.”
I can’t wait to one day hear My lil Leo say to me; “Hi Mama!” And he will hear my voice say “I love you too Joshua!”

#WildfarmKids•com family

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