Another brokenheart headline in 2013

Earlier this week we found out about more deaths from this deadly activity . Our prayers go out to the families.
(We encourage you to use comment section below to reach out to these families.)
We are in the process of empowering the communities with education. It is highly likely other youth in the area are also engaged in this.
 After it started to sink in, through tears we had questions and  we were frustrated.
The first question we wanted the answer for;
WHY weren’t we able to get information out to the parents. Education about this deadly activity so shunned? With all that’s on television, in movies and videoed, so many acting like pot, drugs, drinking and extreme behaviors are okay; why not get the truth out about the choking game into every home through the school systems.
The second question;
Why won’t people just talk about it so kids understand the consequences are not only harmful but deadly! It is so easy to talk about everything else, this should just be included in new things parents need to be made aware of.
 … Just broke our hearts to find out about these families… And our target followers are the adults and caregivers. We believe children need to hear it from parents so they understand and have no doubts about the danger.We are their first teacher and this is for parents to discuss openly about.  This deadly activity must be stopped. Please share our website, our posts and are information so your friends will be able to be educated and understand it will not stop without the truth being spread through proper education.
Christmas vacation 2013 has begun.
During the next few weeks as many of us are gathered with family and friends, as a gift to loved ones, we ask you to just begin a conversation by asking others if they have ever heard of the choking game or any variation of it. You may be surprised at what you hear.
Most important over the next few weeks while children are on holiday break to be pro-active.

Top Five Warning Signs to be aware of:

  • Bloodshot eyes or small, red facial spots
  • Disorientation after being alone
  • Belts, neckties, scarves, robe ties, tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs, or found knotted on the floor
  • Blankets and pillows on the floor or piled next to bed
  • Marks on neck just below the ear under jaw line

If you notice any of these, your child may be experimenting with or playing the choking game.

We don’t want anyone to be blindsided, we just want  everyone to have information for the conversations. Review our tabs above and prevent the headlines of any more tragedy this season.

Blessings of Joy, Hope, and Love,

WildFarmKids Family

7 comments on “Another brokenheart headline in 2013

  1. Prayers of hope and strength to Joseph’s family. God wraps His arms around you and your family and will not leave you. With courage and faith you will make it through this valley.
    Blessings and love,
    The Engle Family

  2. I cant even imagine how you might feel. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you and your family.

  3. Sorry for your loss thoughts nd prayers go out to you and your family Thank you for posting this as I did not know any thing about this “choking game”. very helpful.

  4. Dear family- I am so sorry for your horribly tragic loss of your son Joseph. I understand fully the pain of losing a son, as I lost my 9 year old son Luke to the same tragic accident 4 years ago. My heart is with your family, and I am praying for God to hold you through this. Only He can give you the true peace that passes all human understanding in a time like this. I pray that He will hold your hearts and minds, and comfort you in this awful time.

  5. My heart aches for you and your family. It has been almost 8 years since I lost my 13 year old to this horrific activity. My prayers to you and your family. Stay strong for your other 2 children. They will need you. Never let his memory fade…. Remember the good times! Smile when you say his name. He is watching you. You have quite a network of new ‘family’ here. The Facebook page that is for support is a great place to go and cry and vent. We listen and understand. We have all been there. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with the family it is I am sure the most devastating thing for a family to have to endure

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