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Ending 2013

It’s New Years Eve 2013…

    What can I tell you about today? Today is Joshua’s Dad’s 43rd birthday, and also his middle sisters 11th birthday. We have much to celebrate. There will be cake and ice cream and gifts and… and… and Joshua isn’t here to be part of this celebration…

It was 110 weeks ago today that all his classmates were told of Joshua’s passing; They were not given any explanations on what happened as they left the school for a 5 day break. The stories and rumors circled all day long and by night the shock of what might have happened. Like wild fire those stories raced through the community and yet the truth was right there in the warning signs.  How were we blindsided?

Joshua was one of many youth that engage in the activity called the Choking Game. It all added up. But why, why didn’t we have the information. Who knew about this? Did you? Have you heard and not shared information?

What will you do to spread awareness in 2014?

Are you satisfied with all that you shared about TCG in 2013…

    We keep finding more grieving parents, all wanting the answers to the same questions; Why is the information not talked about openly? Why is in only after the fact that the advocates are heard of?  Why are we kept in the dark about it.

Parents, if you are having youth over this evening or any gathering, remember it’s your responsibility to know what is happening in your home. It is okay to just ask guests if they know of it and explain the dangers. 911 is not a number that should be part of Ending 2013…

Have a Blessed and Happy New Years Eve

  WildFarmKids and those we remember in Heaven

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