Thanksgiving #3

… This is the third Thanksgiving without Joshua Leo Engle and it seems like it was just yesterday. We have come to the understanding that all the last time memories seem like they just happened and time stands still waiting for Joshua to walk in the room, maybe it’s just a dream and We will wake up… No, it is not a dream but with Gods grace someday we will all wake up to Joshua and all our other family and friends that have gone to heaven before us…
… We are thankful for our Faith and that we live where we are free to Praise God any time we need to. We are thankful we can gather to worship God and be in fellowship with others. We say thank you to those who braved all to stand firm on the words of the Bible to build this country. Take time to remember what this day really stands for, the coming together of people from two “worlds” to live together.
… Today is a good day to share our information with family and friends that you may not see often. Don’t dwell on the death but share the facts so our youth are armed with facts and not school yard myths.
Blessings to all and safe travels,

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