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Year Two, Oh How We Miss You

This was one of the hardest ones to write.

It has already been two years, oh how time goes by. I sometimes sit and wonder about what Joshua would be doing if he was still here, what he’s doing now, and what he does for fun. This time of year is always so hard. Today is Ani’s birthday. We will celebrate tonight as a family and know that Joshua will be with us.

As I think about everything that has happened in our lives and how they have changed tremendously in the last two years, it makes tears roll down my cheek. I know things aren’t and won’t get “easier”, but I pray that I will become stronger. I will admit I do have those hard times that I just have to be alone and let myself break down. Sometimes bottled up emotions aren’t healthy, so I let myself do this. I am getting better at keeping it together and talking to people, those who I do know and those who I don’t, about Joshua’s story and the journey our family has been on to spread awareness of the very thing that took his life. We as a family know that we are making a difference and know that God is always with us every step of the way.

Friday night we are gathering with the classmates of Joshua to share memories, catch up with his friends, and release balloons. We will also have a collection area for “Cans of Soup” for the Federated Church food pantry.

This is a free will request, Joshua loved helping people in need. We are just giving everyone an opportunity to carry on something he enjoyed doing each year at this time through church, school & 4-H. We also have the new bracelets in for those who wish to purchase one. They are $5 each and the proceeds go to the funding of this website. We are so excited to see everyone there Friday night from 7:00-9:00PM.

We hope that you will all continue to help us reach out to people, and help us educate them. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and kind words. It truly means a lot to us and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Have a blessed day!

♥ WFK ~ KeriGlenn

Joshua B&W

One comment on “Year Two, Oh How We Miss You

  1. It may have been the hardest one to write…but you always know exactly how to put things into words that reach out and touch people’s hearts. Knowing you, your family and Josh…..it just doesn’t seem like it has been two years…..touched and feeling blessed to be able to spend time with family and classmates tonight.

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