A Note From Dad

When we are in need of encouragement, we first look to God and then we read the prayers and words on this site. Knowing what we are advocating and that educating people about this activity is getting out to the world.  There is no celebrity status or confirmation of success of this site, we just know in our hearts it is what we are to do.

Today we wonder what if he was still here, we wonder what his voice would sound like, how tall he would be. Hearing him sing and play guitar is what I wonder the most. Watching him in sports, he was a gifted athlete. Breathe in, exhale, and repeat. It gets to us, every day something happens to take us to that place of despair and hopelessness, and then we remember Joshua lived each day to the fullest!

Thank you once again for all the words of encouragement, please remember that sharing this site often reaches different people and the ripple of safety and education grows and grows and will be a strong wave that reaches more and more people.

Have a great weekend!


♥ WFK Dad


4 comments on “A Note From Dad

  1. May God bless you all.

  2. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. This site is a great tribute to your son Joshua. The information shared here about the Awareness of the Deadly Activity that took your son’s life definitely is saving lives. We just may not see it this side of heaven. As a parent who has lost a child to this deadly game as well, my prayer is that whenever I share awareness and tell my son’s story, God will save lives both physically and spiritually. I am confident that He does. Hugs.

  3. All the Glory be Lord Jesus.Prayers,Blessing and Love to all

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