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100 Weeks

The Number 100;

If it were a TV show it would be a celebrated number with cake and banners. If it were a business, maybe a giveaway or discount would be advertised. Someone in recovery, now that’s a proud benchmark. 100 weeks might be a goal to reach something wanted by a certain time…

This 100 weeks is how long it’s been since I was able to feel, hear and watch my son Joshua live his life. I miss so much about him. I know he is safe in Heaven. I know his life continues on there. God’s plan, not mine. Now after 100 weeks we still have this pain, a sadness that we continue to try to figure out why and how. For me it is why as a parent did I not know about this activity? How was I blindsided? I am a good parent; I start the children young telling them the dangers of the world to keep them safe! So why didn’t someone tell me all about this thing called the choking game. It has always been a deadly thing and has always had harmful consequences. Why don’t doctors tell parents at checkups when kids are at that tween age? There are no right answers.

Social Media is our answer today so that parents and families of the children that died because of The Choking Game can use this to educate across the world. We share our own stories and others showing it is real and has no boundaries. Although we target the parents, caregivers and mentors with information on talking to a child and on what to look for as warning signs those children may be engaged in it, we are only effective when our site is read and looked at. In order to do more, we rely on others to share the posts, to talk about our website with others. Link our site to your pages. E-mail our link to your own schools nurses, teachers and principals. Be our friend who with a comment and click shares this post to your social media pages so your friends learn too. We share so many things on social media, why not share this information.

My son lives on in Heaven. Joshua’s big smile and kind heart and rough and tumble fearless memory lives on. We share our grief so others take notice and ask, “What happened?” and then we explain, there by educating others. It is the ripple effect.

100 weeks and we have reached at least 45 known counties world-wide. We have touched hearts and passed along educational dialogue to over a million people with the WildfarmKids website and Facebook pages linked to you, our follower’s pages and sites. But that’s not enough; we need to reach more people. We want to prevent other families from the grief. When I find another child has died I ask why didn’t I reach that family too. How could I get this information in the hands of parents? The answer is old fashion word of mouth and it starts with me passing along information to you in my story.

100 weeks and we thank you for prayers that fuel us, shares that educate others and likes that are warm keep going nudges of love and encouragement.

Bless you all,

♥ WFK Mama & family

Mom &  Joshua

One comment on “100 Weeks

  1. My heart is with yours and your family .. I know your pain …. God Bless you ..
    Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai’s Mom

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