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His New Home

A year ago today we laid Joshua to rest. I can still remember everything about the funeral like it was yesterday. I felt as though I was planning his graduation party. I had to pick out his favorite songs, make a slideshow of pictures, welcome hundreds of guests for six hours straight, and stand up in front of everyone and talk about him. I miss my little brother more and more each day. He has made a lasting impression on a lot of people’s heart, and hearing stories from so many people about what an amazing kid he was makes me so proud to be his big sister.
When I think about life here, it makes me so excited to go to our home, in Heaven. Where everything is perfect and we can be with loved ones we have lost, and some we never knew. Thinking about that gives me strength. I know that we will all meet again someday, but the wait is hard. It is hard to let go of someone you love so much and who has impacted your life so much. As much as I love my little brother and want him back and miss him, I could never want to take him away from the beautiful place that he is right now.
Pine Hill Cemetery, where Joshua is, is a beautiful place. It is so peaceful to go there to visit Him. This photo was taken at about 5:00AM this morning. You can see the full moon right over him. My littlest brother, CJ, reminded me yesterday, “Joshua is always with us, because he is in our heart.”
Please talk to your children about the dangerous things they could be doing. Warning signs are real, and if you know what they are, you can prevent bad things from happening.
♥ Keri
Please continue to pray for the Johnson family.

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