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Prayers for a Teacher

Followers, we need your prayers for one of Joshua’s teachers, DeeAnn Johnson. She is currently in the hospital and needs a miracle.

Here is her story;

On June 9th, 2011, I was diagnosed with melanoma. Over the course of June and July of that year I endured through two surgeries, one to remove the melanoma from my arm and the other to biopsy some lymph nodes. During this time I received the news that I had a 1 in 28 chance of the cancer spreading, as it was discovered in only one lymph node. I chose to start preventative care with one month of autoimmune treatments of Interferon as an out-patient and began my at-home injections in October, which lasted through March of 2012.

DeeAnn rested well throughout the night & this morning. We were fortunate to have friends & family make the trip overnight. We are also thankful that her parents & brothers & sister could be here.
DeeAnn is doing a second round of radiation which will hopefully relieve her of some of the pain she is experiencing.
Dr. Baroker came in early this morning to check on her & speak with us. Though with a miracle the radiation could help, he said that the damage to her brain is irreversible.

Continued prayers & support are much appreciated.

You can follow DeeAnn’s status on her Caring Bridge site. DeeAnn’s Caring Bridge

God Bless,

♥ WildfarmKids ~ Joshua Leo Engle’s Family

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