Lanterns for Leo

Thank-you to everyone that came to celebrate the life of Joshua on November 20th. The lanterns were amazing! We appreciate all the kind words of encouragement. Every day is a new obstacle in life and we couldn’t overcome it without God and the love everyone around us has shown.

Thank-you to everyone who couldn’t make it, but still said a prayer.

Our family is truly blessed. It was amazing to see the love we have around us, and to hear stories of how Joshua touched so many lives. Even though he is no longer here, he is still making a lasting impression on the hearts of people who didn’t get a chance to meet him. We thank God everyday for giving us Joshua for 13 years, what a blessing he is.

Thanks again for everything!!

♥ Wild Farm Kids & Joshua Leo Engle Family

4 comments on “Lanterns for Leo

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  2. Thannk you for being you

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