Spread the Word, Save a Life.

Greeting Followers!

Since you all have kids, grandkids, friends with kids or know kids, I would like to invite you to fully check out our website. This week marks the 1 year anniversary of losing Joshua to the choking game. My family is doing all that we can to spread awareness for the Choking Game. We have helped get this started around the world. If you haven’t browsed through our site, we ask that you do so to educate yourselves on this. It is real and happening everywhere. Help us by spreading the word about the choking game, you could save a life.

Here is an e-mail that a friend of mine sent me, it is because of this exact reason why we continue to keep this website going.

“I wanted to share something with you that I thought you would like to know. I recently switched jobs to a rehabilitation facility where I work with kids who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. One of the kids had a marking on his body that appeared to be a suicide attempt. He and I talked about it and it was brought to my attention that he used the choking game as a way to get high. We talked about how this can lead to death and I went on your website and printed off a lot of information about the choking game. He did a project on it and actually wants to present it to other kids so they can know about the dangerous outcomes of the game because he had no idea. I hate that you had to suffer the loss of your little brother but your story reaches out to people and young kids who have never met you (: You may have saved this kids life with your choking game awareness.”

Blessings to all!

♥ Wild Farm Kids & Joshua Leo Engle Family

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