School Prevention

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We have a question for everyone.
When school started this year, was there any mention of the Choking game? Meaning, was it talked about? Was it part of any behavior watch or warning information? Please email us any feedback. We are part of an international group on making parents aware of this tragic activity and we want to know what your school does regarding prevention and education for the parents and students. We will send the schools your children attend information. We know you have the tools but we want others educated also. Please include name of school and location. Your name will not be mentioned in our mailings to them.
Feedback from all over is wanted, and please don’t assume someone else will tell us what your school did. We would like you all to give us your feedback. Specifically if it is to say it wasn’t mentioned.

Thank you and bless you all!

4 comments on “School Prevention

  1. Nothing was mentioned at either of the schools that my children attend. South hamilton or south hardin/ hubbard- radcliffe

  2. I too have had a tough time getting into the School where Cayden had went. We have been to all the surrounding Schools but the one he went to is the largest School in our area. If you could send something out to this School how great it would be. The School is Newark High School, address is 85 East Main Street in Newark Ohio 43055. But he is over them all. This is the Supt’s office as we have many Elem, Middle and High School. ( Lincoln, Wilson, Cherry Valley, Hillview,Heritage,Liberty,Legend)
    Heath School’s which they have 3 their address is 107 Lancaster Drive, Heath Ohio 43056. Another one is Granville which had children playing last year, the address is 130 North Granger in Granville Ohio. The parents told me that since this is a high class school they don’t want anyone to think anything like this is going on.
    Heath School’s which they have 3 ( elem, Middle and High) their address is 300 Licking View Drive, Heath Ohio 43056
    We have already went to Licking Valley, Watkins, Lakewood, CETEC, Johnstown. We had a hard time getting in but they finally let us and they were surprized of how many new or had played the game.

    If you could copy me on the letter I will follow up with the Schools and see if they tell me that they recieved a letter. We will go to the school’s and give a power point that our Local hospital helped us make, and give out pamplets along with pencils and bracelets to remind them not to play this deadly game.

    Cayden was 12 years old and a sixth grader in the Newark Schools when he played this game and we found out that he was looking at this on the computer at School ( I believe that this is why Newark Schools have not let us in).He passed away on 01/31/2007. We couldn’t go to his School so his teacher set up a time where his class went to one of our parks and planted a tree in his memory.

    Thank You for your help in getting awareness out and for helping us get into the Schools. It is much appreciated. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me anytime.
    Billie Wince

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