The Thankful Season

Greetings Followers!

Tis the season to talk about being thankful. Though we should be thankful every day, this is the season where it is most talked about.

Today I was asked, “What are you most thankful for?” This should be easy, right? I thought about this for about three seconds before I started rambling off everything that I am thankful for.

Here is what I am most thankful for:

I am very thankful for my family. Last year on November 21st, my little brother, Joshua, died. This completely changed my family and I’s lives forever. We have come closer as a family, continued to rely on our faith, and make sure we share Joshua’s story to everyone we know, and even to some people that we don’t know. We would like to remind everyone to always say, “I love you” to your family, and cherish the time that you have with them.

To read about our family’s journey, and to see what we have done, check out the tabs on our site!!


♥ Wild Farm Kids & Joshua Leo Engle Family



2 comments on “The Thankful Season

  1. …I am thankful for my Faith, my Family, my Friends and the Fellowship shared…. ω²

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