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Closing of June

As June now comes to a close remember Safety is a year round given.

This is a post for all present and future parents, grandparents, caregivers. We encourage you to share.

 Always be aware of your childs surroundings and never assume someone else will keep your child safe. 

Public parks are fun and interesting places to explore. Some are open spaces, some are to showcase nature and flowers while others have playground equipment. Parks are promoted for everyone to come to visit in every community. As a parent please remember any public place has dangers and we don’t mean the possibility of bad people, we are focusing on what is left behind. Be sure to walk around the playground and look for trash, disguarded cans or bottles, or anything else. (We keep used shopping bag that can be used as a barrier glove to pick up what’s dangerous) Even forgotten toys can easily be dangerous because of the germs that may be on them. Set boundaries for your child to stay in the area that together you walked around, always in your eyesite. Parents, we must stay vigilant and clean up after others to keep our little ones safe. We carry a small bottle of soap so our little ones can wash their hands after playing on equipment and we wash ours with them too. Soap is better then hand sanitizer and most parks have drinking fountians, (we try to wipe them down too.) 

While at the park, please put away the cell phones, watch your child(ern) play, if possible play along side them. They don’t stay small for long and remember cell phones were not popular when you were a small child. Before you know your children have grown up. 

Public parks are free and no two are the same. Now enjoy and take time to relax, it’s about being together; laughing and talking and answering a thousand questions their little minds ask. Make them the center of attention, you will be making priceless memories. 

 Be safe and God bless you all.


 For more information click on National Safety Month

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