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The Ribbon


We are completely humbled by the love and support we have been surrounded with this season. On the helmets of the football players at Bondurant-Farrar, the choking game awareness ribbon has been added to remember Joshua Engle. This would have been his senior year and his teammates are honoring his memory. 

Jersey #54 was his number when he passed away and it is now displayed on the sideline for this season.

From the bottom of our hearts, we truly love you all.


Thank you and blessings to all.

WildfarmKids family



The Choking Game ribbon explained:

BLack is because we grieve.

GOLD because the children are treasured.

RED is our everlasting Love for them.

And please like and share this post to help us continue to educate everyone you know no matter where they live.

One comment on “The Ribbon

  1. Such a special way to honor your Joshua.

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