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Football 2016 Senior Year

Friday September 9th 2016

A lot happening in our town today. #RVTV in Bondurant this afternoon and the first home game for varsity football tonight.

WILDFARMKIDS knows that the #CyHawk football game tomorrow is our states #superbowl and in our house we have fans on both sides. We also cheer for #NebraskaHuskers and the #SimpsonStorm as well.

Our point is; football is just a game and we hope that all the “fans” #Cy or #Hawk keep the banter civil and most of all remember; the youth of the community are watching. #PlayNice Exibit good sportsmanship. Share #teamspirit and don’t put down the other team. Cheer and enjoy the fellowship. Remember it’s just a game and next week there will be another one to cheer for

Not all games give second chances. The “Choking Game” is one that is deadly and has no adult fans. Our youth need to know the facts and end playing that game.

2016-09-09 12.37.51.jpg

Tonight look for the Joshua Leo Engle  #shoutout on the scoreboard at the Highschool football game and the #54 Jersey displayed on the bench in memory of Josh. WildfarmKids wants to thank the parents of the Class of 2017  for making our family feel the true blessings of friends and reaffirm the love the class of 2017 has for Joshua Leo Engle. Thank you to the coaches and staff and the Bondurant Farrar varsity football team  Playing in memory of our #54. Prayers that God and Joshua send an Army of Angels to watch over the players and cheerleaders once again. Safe travels to all who come to watch Bondu under the Friday night lights.

Good Luck to all the players, be safe and courageous!


#BlueBayNation #BondurantFarrar #Football



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