Broken Record


Today is August 21st 2015. It has been 45 months since we heard Joshua Leo, his voice and laughter, looking into those big blue eyes with long eyelashes. 45 months since we heard him play his guitar or watched him run in the yard. 45 months since he has hugged or held us. 45 months since he has hung out with friends and family. 45 months missing him.
School here starts Monday and as I talk to teachers and staff I feel like a broken record to those I know. I greet them and when asked how am I doing;  I tell them “We are doing fine.” and I smile because that’s what is simple to say.  We are fine, but really what answer do we give? We are looking forward to all things to come,  the new school years activities with our other children excelling in school. We are also heartbroken, forever missing Joshy. Most of all we are “Hope filled” because of Gods promise of salvation and we will see our boy again. There I said it again, proudly, we are strong in Faith! God has a plan and we have to accept it. So the answer is; We are fine. We talk about the exciting new year then because I am who I am, in each conversation I remind each teacher and staff member, new and old, how important it is to know and understand the warning signs of the choking game. I tell them that kids do this as young as kindergarten because they are mimiking their peers, not even understanding what they are doing. I tell them that Jr.High is the age when most children have died doing it in some form or another. I restate the fact that this is not new and it is most likely still going on at this school. I encourage them to share the information with parents because I will be so angry if another child dies from this and a parent says they did not know. I feel like a broken record and with all the new students and families, I feel responsible to get this information out to everyone. That saying “my child knows better”  is false if the parent had never told their child not to in the first place. The dangers are real. Now that you know, who will you share this with?

There you have it followers of this website; my broken record conversation as I ask you to share this site and information with new families you meet as schools begin. We should not assume other parents know about this. Start a conversation and educate and don’t worry about sounding like a broken record. Parents sound like when we want information to be understood as important because we care.

Prayers and blessings to you all,
#WildfarmKids Mama and family

Praying for teachers and students, and bus drivers
Prayers for safety to and from school and activities.
Prayers for coaches and players, and cheerleaders too.
Watch out for kids darting out to cross streets, and buses,
walking or biking or those students with school permits.
Be mindfull of all as we all have our own stories.
Bless you all to have a safe school year,
parents, grandparents, caregivers and school staff..
… #WildfarmKids

3 comments on “Broken Record

  1. I have been a follower since you started your campaign. I respect and admire your strength. I spread the word whenever I meet parents of preteens. Keep up the good work. I pray no other child tries the “choking game”.


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