Adventureland Baby

Flashback Friday to August 7th,1998;
A beautiful day just like today. Now because of the overnight rains, I was given the day off work (I operated heavy equipment building roads) It was a long awaited day for a family outing to Adventureland amusment park. I remember it so clearly. The four of us, my husband Chad, oldest daughter Keri, and oldest son Jessi. This was a picture perfect day, the kind we all plan for.
17 years ago this afternoon, I stood by the ‪‎Log Ride‬ with Jessi in a stroller, he wasn’t even two yet.  I watched as my husband and daughter boarded their seats. I was to take pictures so I walked around the corner pushing the stroller to the bottom of the big drop, loaded with all the essentials needed for an outing along with goodies and prizes and baby bag. And then it happened, I went into labor. Josh wanted out. Yes, right there waiting for the squeal and laughter and the possible splash I all but broke the stroller (it has a crooked handle to this day) and if you are wondering, no my water did not break, just the first of the “it’s time to go” contractions.  I waited with a smile trying not to alarm any of the people walking by. Adventureland was so great, they gave our family a set of passes to come back. Joshua was born early the next morning, August 8th. He was known as our Adventureland baby. His life was full of adventure for sure. Each year we went back and would reminisce at that very spot. We had so many fun and wonderful memories with our friends and our family as we grew from four to five to six, seven, and finally eight. Unfortunately, we have not been back there since his passing for the same reason, so many memories…
Joshua passed away 13 years 3 months and 13 days after he was born. He “played” the choking game and lost.

Today is hard, tomorrow will be just as emotional. Hug your children and make memories that last a lifetime.

Visit the rest of our website and share our information with your friends and family. Share with co-workers and your childrens schools and coaches. Take action and join us as we remember what would have been his 17th Birthday. 


Welcome to the world Joshua Leo

Happy Birthday Adventureland Baby
We miss you dearly and love you for eternity.
Bless you all;
WildfarmKidsMama & family

Now that you know, what will you do.
A Drop of information can save a life.

2 comments on “Adventureland Baby

  1. p.s.
    Between the crushing of the stroller and the hospital, we went home to get a few things. And I thought I better shower considering I had been waddling all afternoon. Chad said no shower, just take a bath. So I did, and the contractions sorta stopped. So we watched Miami Vice. I think Sonny got shot right off the bat and well anyway, about the time I figured I was not going to have Mr.Joshua and got kids in bed and I snuggled into bed, my water broke. YES! and away we went. It still was a few hours before Joshy made his debut at 1:30 am.
    The doctor had bedhead as in one side flat and the other side sticking straight up and he forgot to take his watch off so mid “pushing” Dr.D said “hold on” and took it off and tried changing gloves to no avail, Joshy wanted out so it was an “Are you Kidding me?” moment. We laugh now. ((this is the same Dr that decided to go get coffee and missed Josi’s birth altogether 4 years later, that’s a different story))
    Parents have the memories of the births of their children. We tell them at birthday parties and reminisce at funerals. Children repeat them to there friends, ” My parents said when I was born…” , some textbook easy and some long and drawn out and always uniquely told. We share because our friends are interested. As you reflect on your own “birth” story/stories please share this website to your social media pages. This is information that many have no idea about. Again the Take Action tab gives examples how to start conversations with people about the choking game.
    Thank you for reading this post and visiting our website.
    Once again Happy Heavenly Birthday Joshua Leo!

  2. Love this story. Helps me get to know you and your son a little better. I look forward to meeting your Joshy in heaven.

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