Lifetime presents

… being from small town Iowa, where everybody knows everybody, I have been overwhelmed by questions about the movie that premiers tonight at 8pm on Lifetime. The Choking Game Film is based on the book titled, “Choke” written by Diana Lopez. I am so glad it is coming out to educate parents. I hope the audience understands that the most deadly age is 13 as with my son Joshua. I would have loved to have had this make the network to reach even more people. Not everyone has cable/satellite. 
THE CHOKING GAME airs TONIGHT! 8pm on Lifetime — Miss it? It also airs tomorrow at 12am, 1pm & 10pm…

Blessings on the completed project but now is when the questions will begin… 


Today we/my family are at a family reunion. We are talking about what has happened since Easter (our last big get together) and I am telling them all to watch the movie so they can get more of an understanding of how Kids get drawn in to try this deadly activity.

Blessings to all of you!


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  1. I am from SE Iowa and lost my son 12-5-08.

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