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County Fair Countdown

Joshua Lamb

Hello Followers!

It’s that time again, the countdown to the Polk County Fair held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Around the farm once again, we all hurry and hustle around, the kids are getting their final projects ready and complete for county fair! This is a hard time for our family as the county fair is our week-long “vacation”. All of our family’s hard work is showcased at the fair. Thia year Josi will do a project about the choking game and how education is needed so parents ans caregivers get the right information to pass along to their children. 

This was a week that Joshua loved so much! He was truly an all around 4-Her! His sisters and brothers continue to be active in 4H and most conversations will include memories of Joshua.

We hope that all the 4-hers, FFA members and families have a fun and safe county fair!

♥ WildFarmKids & Joshua Leo Engle Family

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