“How it feels to black out” — The 60 Minutes Special

Many of you have seen the recent 60 Minutes episode on “How it feels to black out“, with interviews from divers. “Free-diving champions Tanya Streeter and William Trubridge describe their experiences with blacking out underwater, and tell Bob Simon it isn’t as dangerous or unpleasant as you might think.” Now, everyone that knows anything about blacking out, knows this is indeed dangerous. This is a perfect example of the amount of ignorance in people. In this interview it was stated that it isn’t dangerous to black out if the right people are around..

FALSE. Blacking out is dangerous no matter who is/isn’t around. Blocking oxygen from your brain can cause serious damage, and in many cases around the world, it can be fatal.

Watching this on 60 Minutes was very hard. Especially with all of the inaccurate facts. I hope everyone realizes the lack of truth in this episode of 60 Minutes.

Parents and Guardians, please talk to your children about the risks of blacking out, passing out, playing the choking game, etc. It is real and taking the lives of youth around the world.

Help awareness, spread the word.

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5 comments on ““How it feels to black out” — The 60 Minutes Special

  1. Right on target as usual, Keri! Good info, and right to the point.

  2. I fully understand the concerns. Kids or people who are not into the sport, might get either the impression that blacking out under any circumstances is harmless or that freedivers don’t have much sense of responsibility. This is not true. As every responsible freediver Tanya and William follow the number one rule in freediving: “NEVER EVER DIVE ALONE!”
    Freediving is considered an extreme sport. If so, then maybe because of the extreme situations freedivers get into, but not because of the high risk of death or injury. There are actually very few deadly incidents during freediving and those who died where mostly alone (http://apnea.cz/ranking.html?memorial).

    Two wrong Myths:
    1. Freedivers do NOT blackout on purpose, but try to avoid it. It occurs very seldom.
    2. “blacking out (for a few seconds) kills brain cells”. There is no scientific prove for that.

    The clip omits a very important part though – safety, which should be part of the report when speaking about black outs.
    It’s my understanding, that TV shows do never present reality, and they don’t bear any legal responsibility to tell truth.(it has been in court..) TV should be viewed only with high levels of scrutiny.

    It’s the parents individual responsibility to get informed and educate the young, not the media’s, not government’s.

  3. Fortunately the clip has been removed.

  4. […] “How it feels to black out” — The 60 Minutes Special. […]

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