Meals From The Heartland

Hello All,

The past few years Joshua helped with Meals From The Heartland with our dad. This year I am doing it with some co-workers. When it was brought up, I instantly had a tug on my heart to do it in memory of him. We each have an individual goal of raising $70.00. I would like to raise more than that! I have a link that you can go to if you would like to donate to sponsor me. This is an awesome community service project, and Joshua talked about it a lot after he did it. He was truly about making a difference in the world. I recently read from a journal he had and it was in response to what would you do if you had $1,000,000.00? His response was, “I would give it to all the children that don’t have families or food, because I want them to have something.” This is just more proof of the BIG HEART that Joshua had, and his love and care for others.

If you are able to donate, no matter how much, please do so. All the help is much appreciated. Here is the link you can follow to sponsor me!


Thanks again to everyone for all of their love and support. Together everyone can make a difference, even in the smallest of ways.

God Bless,

♥ Wild Farm Kids & Joshua Engle Family

2 comments on “Meals From The Heartland

  1. Don’t let your heart be burdened. My kids grew up in So Cali and we, together, before they were even 10 yrs old, couldn’t wait to do what we called “ding dong ditch em” Everyone knew where the food came from. Don’t be dismayed when these same people aren’t the ones that will help save your butt when you need it. It’s never the same ones, but God doesn’t forget you. I taught my kids to “change the subject” when asked if we had left a bag of food on the doorstep, or late at night in the car. I have 11 grandkids now, but my kids love to talk about “ding dong ditch em” still. We had an excellent food bank where we lived, glad to see I have a brother in heart!

  2. Meals from the heartland
    I would love to share one of my Poems. It is not for Sale nor publication and not to be altered. I hope it brings awareness to the plight of the suffering child. I lost my 13 year old son Jochen, in a motor bike accident eleven years ago. He was passionate about God, the earth and children and so this is a dedication to his memory

    Hear the cry for the starving child

    Rich man, hear my cry
    As you soak your pot
    Your torso filled to saturation
    Every pore, cell, organ and orifice screaming,
    feed me no more!!
    Don’t soak the pot,
    Please! Please don’t!
    Give me the hard crust from the rice or the maize.
    The bit that said to you,
    I’m not for you,
    discard me,
    I’m the residue!
    I can feed my family of four, twice more!
    Rich man, hear my cry
    It is all I need to sustain my hungry starving dying child.
    Rich man please, I beg thee!
    Can’t you see the bones..
    Count. One two three….
    ten eleven twelve.
    So prominent and distinct.
    It gives me no pleasure…
    I’m at the very brink!
    Rich man!
    Those are the ribs of my little one.
    The hardened snot upon his face,
    The menacing flies.
    He has no strength to swat.
    Too weakened are his arms and legs,
    his chest his heart his tiny being.
    His voice no more can sound! Rich man hear my cry
    Too late, too late!
    I, his mama, see him go.
    I pleaded so.
    His breath upon my cheek so faint,
    I felt but one last time…
    and then he went.

    By Colleen Riehl.  

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