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100 Weeks

The Number 100; If it were a TV show it would be a celebrated number with cake and banners. If it were a business, maybe a giveaway or discount would be advertised. Someone in recovery, now that’s a proud benchmark. 100 weeks might be a goal to reach something wanted by a certain time… This […]

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Jammin’ for Josh

Hey Everyone! Today marks 6 months since Joshua passed away. “Today is Joshua’s 1/2 Birthday in Heaven! And my 7 1/2 Birthday!” says Joshua’s sister, Ani. This is CJ, 4 years old, visiting Joshua on his 1/2 birthday in Heaven. On June 1st we will be celebrating Joshua’s life and remembering him. The event is, […]

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Welcome to WildFarmKids.com

Welcome to WildFarmKids.com! Whether it’s done as a dare, a rite of passage or a desire to get high without using drugs or alcohol, the choking game has potentially deadly consequences. Understand how the choking game works — and what you can do if you think your child may be involved in this dangerous activity.

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