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2011 Fair

Fair chores; Joshua hauling feed and water to his lambs.

It’s hard to believe that just ten years ago Joshua was an active young boy involved in so many things. Every year he looked forward to the Polk County 4H Fair. From indoor projects to sheep. He even showed pigs. Farm boy through and through, a shepherd in the making.

The Polk County fair in Iowa has started. The theme this year is “Back to the Fair” a spin off of the Back to the Future movie as last year with Covid the fair was so different. Joshua’s three younger siblings are in 4H so when Watching them with their projects and lambs, there are so many memories that rush back with Joshy.

Joshua, ChadJoseph and Jessi doing chores at the fair.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.

God Bless you all,


“Feed my lambs, take care of my sheep. Feed my sheep.

Jesus said those words to Peter so that Peter would go out into the world and testify, sharing God and Jesus with the people. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and all people are His sheep. Joshua’s story includes his love for Jesus and sharing the Sunday school lessons with his friends. Joshua was known for telling kids at school that were unchurched the Bible stories.
“I got a story” he would say and then he would retell the story and what happened and the way he told them, kids listened. He didn’t use names or say God with in the telling of each story, he would wait till the end. Then say thats from the Bible. That is how Joshua fed Jesus’s lambs.

May God bless your day and may you feel joy an love.

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