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Thanksgiving #10


I would like to start by saying thank you for visiting the blog portion of WildfarmKids.com website. Joshua passed away just just over nine years ago today. He loved Thankgiving, and the food and the football. He wrote in his school journal how as a family we would go to Grandma’s with relatives and Thank God (say grace) eat, watch football and play some pool.

He wasn’t a good writer but he did write in a journal at school. He was a great storyteller. He would tell the bible stories he learned in Sunday school or from church youth group to others in a way that kids would listen. I am thankful he knew the stories to tell. He had friends that didn’t “believe” in God and he worried about them alot. He would ask what he should do and I would say tell stories from the bible and at least they will hear. He would ask what else, and I would say just pray for them. Pray they find Jesus and he would ask me to pray for them too. I did.

Joshua was named after Joshua in the bible, a very courageous and faithful man. And his middle name after his great great uncle Leo whom I respected and grew up around. I am thankful for my husband Chad, Proud to have the Engle name. I am thankful for the men he was named after. I am thankful for all who shared the bible leasons with him along the way.

I was blessed with Joshua Leo Engle for 14 years. 9 months all to myself and 13 years and 3 months with the world. I am thankful God gave him to us even if it was a short time, I know God has a plan and God numbered Joshua’s days long before blessing us with him.

The first Thanksgiving with out him was horrible, the first everything was. We were sad, we are still sad, that never goes away. What you see now is nine years of God giving us strength to live life and tell others what happened. I still cry when I am alone when I am overwhelmed because I miss him so much. I trust God and I know that someday the reason will be revealed to my family when we join Joshua in Heaven. I am thankful for Jesus. It’s okay to be “not okay” and sometimes thats when we need prayer time the most. I am thankful I can pray to God.

Thanksgiving #10 I am thankful for the family who I shared the day with and miss the ones who could not be there. Grace was said and there was good food. For one the food was the first time, mashed potatoes and gravy for our Granddaughter. She loved them and at the same time her silly faces, crinkled nose and leaning toward the spoon for more. Priceless! Yes Thankful for grandchildren and all my children.

Thank you for reading this and please look around the website for the real reason we post here, to educate you about the dangers of the choking game and what to look for in your home.

 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” 
Numbers 6:24‭-‬26 NIV

Click on the verse above and listen to Joshua’s little sister Josi sing this, Feel the blessing in your heart.

Thank you again,

~ Wendi Sue Engle


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