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Back to School ’18

School is begining for the year everywhere. Have you had the talk yet. The one about the choking game?

New children come into the school districts all the time. Our children become friends with them. Or your child may be going into a new school. New environment to share things with new friends. How they passed the time and their habbits. They may also share things that are considered risky behavior, one being the choking game aka pass out challenge.

This is the “good kids thing; their adrenaline rush high” the kids we parents think would know better and would never do something that may harm them. New classes bring new stories and new challenges to protect our children because we do not know the other families. This is a great time to share this information with the new parents. Share with your new friends!

Share this post on your social media feed; you might be opening the door to education for someone and never know it.

God Bless you all

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