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Four Years

4 years.
Can you remember November 21st 2011; 4 years ago? The day, the night, a moment or even what day it was? It was a Monday. I remember it completely…
My son died that night….


Thank you for visiting this website page and thank you for reading our posts. If you are new to our site, Please look around on the tabs. We educate parents and guardians about this dangerous activity. It is simple! Just start the conversation! Just ask, Do you know about the choking game?  Simple. Ask friends and family and anyone your children interact with. The coach, teachers, their doctor, find out what they know. Be proactive and share this website on your social media connections.
The holidays are near and one place setting is forever empty at our table. If only we had known. If someone would have just shared this information with us.
We go forward with a mission and this fourth anniversary my family and I reaffirm our commitment to educating about the choking game activity.

Bless you for visiting and please share our story. Have a safe holiday and give thanks.
#WildfarmKids Mama and family

“Now that you know, what will you do?”

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