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180 weeks have past since Joshua passed away from the choking game. All week I have been looking at data and searching for ways to get information to people who still don’t know.  This is not going away.

180: what a number. Associated with turning around. We want to do that with the education attitude of this activity.

As we continue to educate small groups and speak to parents, grandparents and caregivers all around our state, we are doing that. We also hope that through social media we can reach many more with your help.

Each week we learn of more ER near miss accounts of youth with injury as result of *TCG  Sadly we find out about deaths too. It is a responsibility we have to share this info because we have it. 

Thank you for following this page and we hope you continue to share our post on your own page.

Blessings to all ♡

This evening May 11th 2015 will be 181.

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  1. Our thoughts go out to you each time we hear of this “game” God bless you as you continue to reach out!!

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