Summer Camps

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It’s that time of year again, where the kids are getting out of school for the summer!

Many may be thinking about doing summer camps. Make sure you know about the camps you are sending you child to. These are the places that children are learning such things as the choking game. Be sure to talk with your child about the dangers of the choking game and other “games” they may be experimenting with.

Be more educated, and educate your children on what is happening! Don’t be afraid to talk.

If you need any help with topics to use, send us an email at wildfarmkids@aol.com, or check out our information that is already available on our site.

Have a great and safe summer!


Summer Camp

2 comments on “Summer Camps

  1. Great information here. Parents pay attention…. kids are learning some of these dangerous activities from other kids when they are away at summer camps. Please talk to your children about the Deadly Dangers of activities like the Choking Game, Space Monkey, Funky Chicken and a whole list of other names that it goes by. Talk to them now before it is too late. Don’t let your child become another statistic. For us parents that have experienced the loss of our children to this deadly activity, you truly do not want to join our ranks. The pain is sometimes more than we can bear. We trust the Lord daily for strength to get through each day with out our child. Thanks for posting this WildFarm Kids. You are helping to save lives. ❤

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