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Families Discuss Signs

The choking game is a way to “get high” without putting dangerous chemicals into your body and without being detected. Children, teens and adults are experimenting with the choking game.

Red eyes, headaches and stomach aches are signs that children have/had and the parent’s don’t link them to the choking game until it is too late. The consequences of this aren’t dialed into the brains of the ones experimenting with this deadly game. Many parents don’t know about it, and many kids do know about it, but they don’t know the dangers. Most cases are deemed as an “undetermined” death, some cases get deemed as “suicide”.

Educating people on this will help stop it from happening to other families. If you have children, whether you suspect them to be doing it or not, please talk to them about it. Make them aware of the risks and fatal dangers.

♥ Wild Farm Kids

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