Welcome to WildFarmKids.com

Welcome to WildFarmKids.com!

Whether it’s done as a dare, a rite of passage or a desire to get high without using drugs or alcohol, the choking game has potentially deadly consequences. Understand how the choking game works — and what you can do if you think your child may be involved in this dangerous activity.

4 comments on “Welcome to WildFarmKids.com

  1. So proud of the advocate that you have become as the result of your terrible loss…you are a very strong lady and have a strong family support system…and of course, all of us!!! I know that your heart still aches every day and that every day is a challenge, but as your good friend always tells you “keep swimming”!!! Your strength gives me the strength to carry on, even on my weakest days as I know that my weakest days are nothing compared to yours…I love you and thank you for being who you are!!!!!

  2. Prayers, Blessings. Love. Peace GOD Will provide. Thank U Onelove, Love U Onelove,AMEN, HALLEUJAH

  3. Love Y’all💥💛💯🗼🌞💛

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