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Don’t Be Fooled

Today is “April Fool’s Day” and a lot of us look at our children and think that because they are intelligent  youth  that we don’t really have to worry about the choices they make. We fool ourselves into thinking that they would know better. Don’t fool yourself, there are so many things out in the world that we don’t always know about, and we need to. The choking game is one of those things that we need to educate our children about.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that other people wouldn’t be able to convince your children that something was okay. Learn the warning signs, share them with other people and remember it’s okay to ask children what they know about the choking game. Be the first one to tell them that it is dangerous and deadly. Don’t be a fool when it comes to the safety of your children.

For information on the signs, click The Game tab.


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Hello Followers, Happy Valentines Day!

We hope that all of you are feeling loved and sharing love too!


Have a blessed day!


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Ending 2013

It’s New Years Eve 2013…

    What can I tell you about today? Today is Joshua’s Dad’s 43rd birthday, and also his middle sisters 11th birthday. We have much to celebrate. There will be cake and ice cream and gifts and… and… and Joshua isn’t here to be part of this celebration…

It was 110 weeks ago today that all his classmates were told of Joshua’s passing; They were not given any explanations on what happened as they left the school for a 5 day break. The stories and rumors circled all day long and by night the shock of what might have happened. Like wild fire those stories raced through the community and yet the truth was right there in the warning signs.  How were we blindsided?

Joshua was one of many youth that engage in the activity called the Choking Game. It all added up. But why, why didn’t we have the information. Who knew about this? Did you? Have you heard and not shared information?

What will you do to spread awareness in 2014?

Are you satisfied with all that you shared about TCG in 2013…

    We keep finding more grieving parents, all wanting the answers to the same questions; Why is the information not talked about openly? Why is in only after the fact that the advocates are heard of?  Why are we kept in the dark about it.

Parents, if you are having youth over this evening or any gathering, remember it’s your responsibility to know what is happening in your home. It is okay to just ask guests if they know of it and explain the dangers. 911 is not a number that should be part of Ending 2013…

Have a Blessed and Happy New Years Eve

  WildFarmKids and those we remember in Heaven


Another brokenheart headline in 2013


Earlier this week we found out about a 14 year old boy named Joseph, that died last month in New York. Our prayers go out to his family.
(We encourage you to use comment section below to reach out to his family.)
We are in the process of empowering the community with education. It is highly likely other youth in the area are also engaged in this.
 After it started to sink in, through tears we had questions and  we were frustrated.
The first question we wanted the answer for;
WHY weren’t we able to get information out to his parents, to his area. Education about this deadly activity so shunned? With all that’s on television, in movies and videoed, so many acting like pot, drugs, drinking and extreme behaviors are okay; why not get the truth out about the choking game into every home through the school systems.
The second question;
Why won’t people just talk about it so kids understand the consequences are not only harmful but deadly! It is so easy to talk about everything else, this should just be included in new things parents need to be made aware of.
 … Just broke our hearts to find out about that family… And our target followers are the adults and caregivers. We believe children need to hear it from parents so they understand and have no doubts about the danger.We are their first teacher and this is for parents to discuss openly about.  This deadly activity must be stopped. Please share our website, our posts and are information so your friends will be able to be educated and understand it will not stop without the truth being spread through proper education.
Christmas vacation 2013 has begun.
During the next few weeks as many of us are gathered with family and friends, as a gift to loved ones, we ask you to just begin a conversation by asking others if they have ever heard of the choking game or any variation of it. You may be surprised at what you hear.
Most important over the next few weeks while children are on holiday break to be pro-active.

Top Five Warning Signs to be aware of:

  • Bloodshot eyes or small, red facial spots
  • Disorientation after being alone
  • Belts, neckties, scarves, robe ties, tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs, or found knotted on the floor
  • Blankets and pillows on the floor or piled next to bed
  • Marks on neck just below the ear under jaw line

If you notice any of these, your child may be experimenting with or playing the choking game.

We don’t want anyone to be blindsided, we just want  everyone to have information for the conversations. Review our tabs above and prevent the headlines of any more tragedy this season.

Blessings of Joy, Hope, and Love,

WildFarmKids Family

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Thanksgiving #3

… This is the third Thanksgiving without Joshua Leo Engle and it seems like it was just yesterday. We have come to the understanding that all the last time memories seem like they just happened and time stands still waiting for Joshua to walk in the room, maybe it’s just a dream and We will wake up… No, it is not a dream but with Gods grace someday we will all wake up to Joshua and all our other family and friends that have gone to heaven before us…
… We are thankful for our Faith and that we live where we are free to Praise God any time we need to. We are thankful we can gather to worship God and be in fellowship with others. We say thank you to those who braved all to stand firm on the words of the Bible to build this country. Take time to remember what this day really stands for, the coming together of people from two “worlds” to live together.
… Today is a good day to share our information with family and friends that you may not see often. Don’t dwell on the death but share the facts so our youth are armed with facts and not school yard myths.
Blessings to all and safe travels,
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Year Two, Oh How We Miss You

This was one of the hardest ones to write.

It has already been two years, oh how time goes by. I sometimes sit and wonder about what Joshua would be doing if he was still here, what he’s doing now, and what he does for fun. This time of year is always so hard. Today is Ani’s birthday. We will celebrate tonight as a family and know that Joshua will be with us.

As I think about everything that has happened in our lives and how they have changed tremendously in the last two years, it makes tears roll down my cheek. I know things aren’t and won’t get “easier”, but I pray that I will become stronger. I will admit I do have those hard times that I just have to be alone and let myself break down. Sometimes bottled up emotions aren’t healthy, so I let myself do this. I am getting better at keeping it together and talking to people, those who I do know and those who I don’t, about Joshua’s story and the journey our family has been on to spread awareness of the very thing that took his life. We as a family know that we are making a difference and know that God is always with us every step of the way.

Friday night we are gathering with the classmates of Joshua to share memories, catch up with his friends, and release balloons. We will also have a collection area for “Cans of Soup” for the Federated Church food pantry.

This is a free will request, Joshua loved helping people in need. We are just giving everyone an opportunity to carry on something he enjoyed doing each year at this time through church, school & 4-H. We also have the new bracelets in for those who wish to purchase one. They are $5 each and the proceeds go to the funding of this website. We are so excited to see everyone there Friday night from 7:00-9:00PM.

We hope that you will all continue to help us reach out to people, and help us educate them. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and kind words. It truly means a lot to us and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Have a blessed day!

♥ WFK ~ KeriGlenn

Joshua B&W

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Information That Can’t Wait

Today marks 104 weeks, later this week is the 2nd anniversary of Joshua’s death. This article was sent to us and written by Ken Tork in the National Association of School Resource Officers fall 2013 magazine. We were given permission to share on our website and we want to get this information seen by you asap. We encourage you to share with your school resource officers and your school board members.

Choking Game Article



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