200 Weeks


… 200 weeks… or how about;
… 46 months come and gone.
… Or in days? That is 1,400 days…
How many hours can you wrap you mind around 24, 48, 72 or 96. Those are easy now try 33,600 hours. Thats too many hours…
Tonight was the Homecoming Parade at good ole Bondu. I watched Joshys teammates ride by in the back of a truck… they are growing up so fast. I pray that each and everyone reading my post tonight understands the blessing a child is and you all cherish every “Hi Mom!” you hear.
God has a plan and each smile and wave and “Hi Mom!” whispered or yelled was written by God to be heard long before your child was even knitted together… ‪ #‎ReallyReally‬
It has been 33,600 hours…
It has been 1,400 days…
It has been 200 weeks…
yes it has been 46 months since I heard my son say, “I love you Mama.”
I can’t wait to one day hear My lil Leo say to me; “Hi Mama!” And he will hear my voice say “I love you too Joshua!”

#WildfarmKids•com family

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It’s a lifestyle.


The farm safety and health link has daily features for this week. Please check them out. Even if you don’t live on a farm, your children may visit one to see a friend at some point.

Ag Safety; it’s not just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle.

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Get the Picture


Today is our middle daughters first football game to cheer at as an offical cheerleader.  As with all new adventures I want a picture to capture this day and while trying to get the perfect picture before the school bus came, my youngest two kept photo bombing so instead of getting mad I just took the picture and then said, “Okay, now one with just Josi.” I could have gotten angry but why, it is just a moment captured in time. A memory for us all that will now also be seen by the world to show it is okay to have those background silly smiles pop up while trying to get the picture. Cherish and enjoy happy moments, let kids be kids and know they are just as important. They just want to be part of the memory too, get one with them and then ask nicely for the picture you originally wanted. 

Prayers for safety to all jr.high players and cheerleaders today and always.
Shout out to our Bondurant BlueJays!

Have fun watching sporting events, cheer on your team and remember no one should ever heckle the other team. And please don’t scold your team for a bad play, they are trying their best. Be positive and encouraging. Words shouted from you are remembered and replayed in their mind. Make a supportive impact and be proud of their efforts. It’s just a game and a small part of who these players are.

Safe travels and prayers to all,
♡Wildfarmkids Mama

☆Share this website on all your social media outlets so that all your new friends can get the information they need so they can continue to have opportunities to photograph their children too.


Broken Record


Today is August 21st 2015. It has been 45 months since we heard Joshua Leo, his voice and laughter, looking into those big blue eyes with long eyelashes. 45 months since we heard him play his guitar or watched him run in the yard. 45 months since he has hugged or held us. 45 months since he has hung out with friends and family. 45 months missing him.
School here starts Monday and as I talk to teachers and staff I feel like a broken record to those I know. I greet them and when asked how am I doing;  I tell them “We are doing fine.” and I smile because that’s what is simple to say.  We are fine, but really what answer do we give? We are looking forward to all things to come,  the new school years activities with our other children excelling in school. We are also heartbroken, forever missing Joshy. Most of all we are “Hope filled” because of Gods promise of salvation and we will see our boy again. There I said it again, proudly, we are strong in Faith! God has a plan and we have to accept it. So the answer is; We are fine. We talk about the exciting new year then because I am who I am, in each conversation I remind each teacher and staff member, new and old, how important it is to know and understand the warning signs of the choking game. I tell them that kids do this as young as kindergarten because they are mimiking their peers, not even understanding what they are doing. I tell them that Jr.High is the age when most children have died doing it in some form or another. I restate the fact that this is not new and it is most likely still going on at this school. I encourage them to share the information with parents because I will be so angry if another child dies from this and a parent says they did not know. I feel like a broken record and with all the new students and families, I feel responsible to get this information out to everyone. That saying “my child knows better”  is false if the parent had never told their child not to in the first place. The dangers are real. Now that you know, who will you share this with?

There you have it followers of this website; my broken record conversation as I ask you to share this site and information with new families you meet as schools begin. We should not assume other parents know about this. Start a conversation and educate and don’t worry about sounding like a broken record. Parents sound like when we want information to be understood as important because we care.

Prayers and blessings to you all,
#WildfarmKids Mama and family

Praying for teachers and students, and bus drivers
Prayers for safety to and from school and activities.
Prayers for coaches and players, and cheerleaders too.
Watch out for kids darting out to cross streets, and buses,
walking or biking or those students with school permits.
Be mindfull of all as we all have our own stories.
Bless you all to have a safe school year,
parents, grandparents, caregivers and school staff..
… #WildfarmKids


Adventureland Baby

Flashback Friday to August 7th,1998;
A beautiful day just like today. Now because of the overnight rains, I was given the day off work (I operated heavy equipment building roads) It was a long awaited day for a family outing to Adventureland amusment park. I remember it so clearly. The four of us, my husband Chad, oldest daughter Keri, and oldest son Jessi. This was a picture perfect day, the kind we all plan for.
17 years ago this afternoon, I stood by the ‪‎Log Ride‬ with Jessi in a stroller, he wasn’t even two yet.  I watched as my husband and daughter boarded their seats. I was to take pictures so I walked around the corner pushing the stroller to the bottom of the big drop, loaded with all the essentials needed for an outing along with goodies and prizes and baby bag. And then it happened, I went into labor. Josh wanted out. Yes, right there waiting for the squeal and laughter and the possible splash I all but broke the stroller (it has a crooked handle to this day) and if you are wondering, no my water did not break, just the first of the “it’s time to go” contractions.  I waited with a smile trying not to alarm any of the people walking by. Adventureland was so great, they gave our family a set of passes to come back. Joshua was born early the next morning, August 8th. He was known as our Adventureland baby. His life was full of adventure for sure. Each year we went back and would reminisce at that very spot. We had so many fun and wonderful memories with our friends and our family as we grew from four to five to six, seven, and finally eight. Unfortunately, we have not been back there since his passing for the same reason, so many memories…
Joshua passed away 13 years 3 months and 13 days after he was born. He “played” the choking game and lost.

Today is hard, tomorrow will be just as emotional. Hug your children and make memories that last a lifetime.

Visit the rest of our website and share our information with your friends and family. Share with co-workers and your childrens schools and coaches. Take action and join us as we remember what would have been his 17th Birthday. 


Welcome to the world Joshua Leo

Happy Birthday Adventureland Baby
We miss you dearly and love you for eternity.
Bless you all;
WildfarmKidsMama & family

Now that you know, what will you do.
A Drop of information can save a life.


Swim Safe


Once again we want to talk about this subject. With schools being out for the summer and pools open for the season, this is another “game” that youth and even adults will try. It is very similar to the choking game .

Shallow water blackout (SWB) is caused by competitive or continuous breath holding or by taking several deep breaths before diving under water. Swimmers pass out due to lack of oxygen and the delayed trigger to breathe means they passout. When this happens, death or brain damage occurs much quicker than the usual form of drowning.

Make sure you don’t leave children unattended in pools or near water. We hope you share this information not only with friends and family, but also the children in your lives too. Have the conversation each time your kids swim, even if only to remind them. SWB can be prevented.

For any questions, comments or content you’d like added send us an email at wildfarmkids@aol.com

Happy Summer and Swim Safe!


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Safety Awareness Month 2015

Safety Awareness Month!


What do you live for?

June is National Safety Awareness Month. Everyone has something they live to see or experience. No matter what your passion is. We would like to encourage you all to take some sort of action to highlight the importance of keeping your children and family safe. Read through our website to learn more about the hazards of the choking game and the signs and symptoms to look for.
Each year we can not sress enough how importatnt it is to know the warning signs.
Schools are letting out for Summer break, watch out for your children’s safety!
As our youth go off to summer camps and recreational programs keep in mind not every second will be monitored. Children talk and share things. They share games and experiences. They share the choking game never understanding the dangerous consequences.

Know the signs before it’s too late!

Physical warning signs:
●Bruises around the neck
●Frequent, often severe headaches
●Bloodshot eyes or small, red facial spots
●Disorientation after being alone

In the Home
●Sheets, belts, neckties, scarves, robe ties, T-shirts or ropes tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs,  or found knotted on the floor or wear marks from being tied.

●Mentioning choking games, showing curiosity about asphyxiation
●Having a history of Internet searches about choking games
●Placing choke hold or sleeper hold on others while playing or talk about having been placed in one
●Small child mimicking the choking game (from seeing someone playing it)

In the pool
•Trying to see how long they can hold their breath under water
  (may result in having a shallow water blackout)

If you notice any of these signs, your child may be experimenting with or playing the choking game.

Risk is real, don’t take the chance.
Talk to your children about this, they may know more then you are aware of.

♥ WildfarmKids


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