37 Weeks & 14th Birthday Week ♥

Hello Followers and Awareness Advocates!!

Today marks 37 weeks since Joshua was taken from us and Wednesday is his 14th Birthday! Let’s see how many lives we can touch by his story, and how many people we can educate by sharing our information that we have!

As of right now we have 2,000 followers on Facebook! WildFarmKids We have 20,000 hits on our website! wildfarmkids.com The picture on Love Transfusion is at 190,000 likes.

How many people can you share these sites with to ensure that this doesn’t happen to any of your loved ones?! Let’s put it to test, how many likes, shares and followers can we get this week for Joshua’s birthday!

Please share Joshua and our Family’s story with everyone you know. This is happening around the world and parents and guardians need to be aware of it. Please keep doing your part and spread awareness.

God Bless,

♥Wild Farm Kids & Joshua Enlge Family


2 comments on “37 Weeks & 14th Birthday Week ♥

  1. Josh’s mom I lost my baby to a motorcycle accident, which I told him time an time again would happen if he chose to ride that thing his come back was mom I know how to ride, I told him I didn’t doubt he did but the problem was he didn’t know what that other fellow was thinking an God is my judge that was exactly what happened so to u I say the only way to get though this is to know when it is your time your Josh will be there waiting for u. I know it doesn’t make it any eaiser but it does give u hope to see him again one day oh yes an I know u still want to know why an so do I that question will be answered then take heart mom u have an angel looking over u. my heart goes out to u an your family it just shouldn’t be that way parents should not have to bury their children.

  2. my heart goes out to you i also lost my boy just as he turned 14. i feel your pain and i will keep you in my heart and prayers. estelle harp turk

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